Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saranghea, Saranghea, Saranghea Korea..

Hey guys.. Let me introduce my self first, my name is Syamim Jannah bt Shaiful Bahari and i'm from Malaysia... I'm 23 years old this year and i and deeply, truly in love with Korea's Culture, the food, the exciting places and the wonderful people there.

First I would like to share with you why do i want to go to Korea, because of the harmonious culture that is very admirable to the Asian countries. There is Gi (Universal Energy) , Heung (Intrinsic sense of joy), Jeong (Attachment, affection & consideration). This is the main sentiment of Korean Culture.

Gi is a universal energy that is widely mentioned in martial arts like taekwondo. It is not just limited to physical energy; it extends into the spiritual state as well, and exists everywhere. It is a sort of sense of connectedness with everything around

The sense of connectedness demonstrated by gi is very well illustrated in the way the Korean people regard mountains. Throughout history, Koreans have aimed to live in harmony with them, rather than regarding the mountains as a massive natural object alienated from human life.

Intrinsic sense of joy, that keeps Koreans a float even in the most difficult times. One only has to witness Korean people singing and dancing at festivals, playing outrageous drinking games. Its fun and i enjoy watching them performing the dance.

The most memorable display of Korean heung was during the Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup. One million people gathered at the center of Seoul wearing red shirts to show their support for their beloved team and this is very amazing how we can gather together and watch their favorite teams.

      Caring for others and putting others before oneself. The jeong portrayed through Korean pop culture is catching the attention and interest of people throughout the world

       Because that I am deeply in love with the Korean culture, me and my best friend have decided to go there and see & experience our self the beautiful places. In February 2012 we have booked out ticket with AirAsia X and we are super duper excited... our dreams have finally came true... we are very thankful to our family because they give us the blessing to visit Korea as we have talked about going there in many times and we tend to save our pocket money.

annyeong Malaysia~ 

Pheewww the 6 hour journey have come to an end as we land at 9 p.m and it was winter the pilot said that it was -3 Celsius.. wowwww it really cold and in my country we never ever have winter and we did not have the experience in such places. luckily we brought our jackets and sweater to keep us warm. We stayed at Bibim Guest House at Hongdae and it was great the people are nice and the owner is very gentle and caring. they always help us to get to the places that we want to go. And if we got lost they will help us. people in Korea is warm and always help foreigners if they have any problem.

        The days in Seoul was fun and amusing because I got the chance to visit this beautiful country. I love sightseeing in Korea and enjoying the foods, museums, palaces and the parks there. In my wish list i always wanted to go to the Teddy Bear Museum in Namsan Towers because I love teddy bears and I was very exited to see the bears and the bears are very cute and adorable. I love it so much and all the bears in that museum is handmade... what??? that is interesting because all of it was handmade. 

three cute little teddy bears!

Bears playing Nanta! OMG~

Teddy Bears and padlock of love..

Namdaemun Market

         Namdeamun market, I super love this place because every shopkeeper are friendly and willingly to give some discounts... yeayyy i was very glad... the ahjumma were very kind and help us a lot in searching for gifts. n also i have a huge crush on PORORO... yaaa! pororo ya... so i buy the doll and it is quite affordable. then we search some t-shirts I Love Korea for my family and friends and its amazing because we 3 pairs of t-shirt for only 10,000won... u can never get that kind of price in my country... we are very delighted with the price given.. then in Insadong there are many international restaurants,cafes, kebabs, fresh fruits, indian food, arabian food and many more. Notice the strawberries that i eat below, it only cost me 5,000 won per pack.. its cheap and very sweet... and also I meet some new Namja Chingu.. he is handsome right? dont be jealous ya girls.. :P
shopping, eating, new friends.

Palace Gyeongbokgung, Gwanghamun Square.

I love history places and we decided to Palace Gyeongbokgung, Gwanghamun Square to learn about the history of Palace Gyeongbokgung, Gwanghamun Square. Indeed we gain lot of information and we know about the history of King Sejong and The palace.  there also reformation of the guards, i thought the soldiers were mannequin but it was a real human in a costume i guess and they did not even move if the general did not say so. they are cool and also smart while wearing the soldiers costume.

peace Yo~ hehe

         Nami Island~ when we talk about Nami Island it is all about the world famous korean drama that deliver such Korean wave all around the wave or as known as Hallyu. The drama's location is at Naminara Republic and it shows the beauty of this place. Just look at the pictures of the trees, the panorama is very beautiful and can mesmerize your eyes. I did not know it was very beautiful before, but looking with my own eyes, i was a little surprise and wonder this place exists. 
winter sonata Deaabak~

Fantastic Foods.
i love them all..

        Saranghea Korea, I have missed you so much and I hope i will win the Asian On Air Program and see you again soon.. i did not have much time last time when i visit you, now if i win this contest i will appreciate the offer and hope we will meet again someday.. 

Million Thanks to Korean Air Southeast Asia because of the event and i hope the Korean Air Southeast Asia will choose me as one of the winner. and good luck to all other participants and hope we can meet in korea.. Fighting.. (^^,)

Keep Calm and Go to Korea. 


Anonymous said...

WoW! You're so lucky that you've been to Korea before! ^^
I have never been there so I hope I can also experience your excitement while you were there =)

fauziyah said...

aaaaa, you makes me jealous, i wanna do like you do..!! :D

fauziyah said...

i think korea more feel real when i see you with all the pictures, haha, :D